Fashion Icons: The Most Influential Designers of Our Time



June 23, 2023

"A rose by any other name smells just as sweet" was an apt line in Romeo's line, and so is fashion. Whether you call trendsetters and style icons by any name or not, you still agree about their influence on fashion and an entire generation of followers. You're bold enough to come up with new and classic ways of dressing and styling that few others think of when they're out and about. This article pays homage to these style icons who left a lasting mark on the fashion world.

1. Princess Diana

It's true that the royal family brought fantastic resources and a call to get you dressed in your best clothes and have your outfits designed by the best designers, but Diana was so much more than that: she spent most of her life in the 80s In an early style photo. However, she ended up opting for a sexier silhouette with the help of Versace and other top accessories.

What makes her special and a cultural icon is that her fashion becomes part of her personality. Her attire and style accentuate her warmth and charisma. Neither of them seem to be touching or different.

2. Rihanna

Who could be more down-to-earth than Rihanna? As a cultural icon such as pop star, outstanding singer, brand ambassador of many brands, etc. It was their partnership with PUMA that helped the brand increase sales by 40% in the US alone. This wicked yet powerful combination makes her a powerhouse in fashion, style, and everything she does.

She doesn't follow any other style, but sets a new trend with each premiere and loves to show off her body in the boldest, sexiest looks. So if you're currently following just one person and wondering what it means to be an icon, Rihanna is the face of our time.

3. Coco Chanel

Who would have thought Chanel, the biggest brand of bags and other fashion accessories, would start making hats? Gabrielle Bonheur is a French fashion designer who started out making hats and, after gaining popularity, turned to clothing, opening shops in Paris, Deauville and Biarritz.


She started standardizing shoulder bags more in the late 1950s, and her brand gained enormous popularity. Bringing handbags and shoulder bags to the masses revolutionized the fashion industry and Chanel is now one of the most popular handbag and fashion brands in the industry.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey became the sweetheart of many men in the 50s not only because of her beauty but also because of her feminine love of dress and fashion that lasted a lifetime. She is known not only for Tiffany & Co. but also for her elegant demeanor, slim figure and her fashion collections. Since her relationship with the fashion industry began, she has become a fashion and TV icon. Hubert de Givenchy made her a charismatic and heartthrob whenever she stepped into the spotlight.

4. Just Knowles

While it might not have been the obvious choice, Solange Knowles is a style icon in the modern sense. Her 2017 album and song "A Seat at the Table" highlighted her musicality and good taste. Whether she's wearing a Thom Browne ruffled blazer to the Met Gala or out in Vellies boots, Knowles' clothing reflects her artistic vision and is designed to express a particular vibe or emotion.

Knowles takes this adaptable ingredient to the next level, expanding her horizons in every new area of life; it's this chameleon attitude that allows her to stand alongside the other fashion superstars on this list.

5. Miuccia Prada

The second iconic brand on our list emerged in the '70s when they took over their grandfather's business and eventually became the CEO of Prada. She is also the creative owner of the popular Miu Miu, where she started a line of woven nylon bags.

These black bags became instant classics and became known as Prada bags. The Prada Nylon Vela Backpack from the mid-80s remains a cult favorite in the collection due to its uniqueness and popularity. They are considered one of the most innovative fashion houses in the industry.

6. Billy Potter

We love idols who hum to the beat of the drum and don't follow the crowd. What's the use of being a trendsetter if you can't shape your own style following in the footsteps of history? If he stays true to what he believes in and how he dresses, he will always perform well.


The best thing about his fashion is that he dares to challenge the "standards of society" to make a difference.

7. David Bowie

The presentation has an unmistakable theatrical quality; it allows you to express yourself as a person, own your own character and escape the realities of everyday life. David Bowie, one of our favorite fashion heroes, brought the drama to life.

His love of creating an alter ego and using it as a creative outlet has made him one of the greatest fashion talents of all time. From the bright hues of his signature Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane era to the raunchy styles of the Thin White Duke era, Bowie's clothing continues to be a topic of debate and a driving force in fashion.

8. Madonna

Not only is she controversial, she's also the queen of music; she's the embodiment of style, consistently the best fashion statement for decades. Her overall fashion sense enriched her career, becoming more epic and refined as she got older, continuing through the ages.

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The idea that fashion and clothing can elevate our personalities to such a profound degree that such creations can last a lifetime is impressive. The world has seen many people make their mark on the world through their looks and gain a timeless permanent place in the halls of fashion.

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