Top 10 Fashion Influencers to Follow for Style Inspiration



June 23, 2023

A few years ago, the influencer business was not well known or considered a profession. Recently, however, these self-sufficient individuals have taken on a new meaning on the internet, offering extraordinary advice in what they specialize in. One of the most sought after and followed genres in the influencer industry is undoubtedly the fashion niche.

A fashion influencer on the "Gram" or any other online platform starts off differently. However, the result is the same for both. what is it? Well, go ahead and set trends, give expert styling advice and influence trends that will go down in history. Would you like to meet the best fashion stylists in the business and get expert advice? We are here for you.

Top 10 Fashion Influencers Who Amaze the Fashion World

Are you someone who loves to dress up and keep up with the latest fashion trends and easy styling tips? It's time to find inspiration with the fashion industry influencers below.

1. Chiara Ferragni

With Italian good looks and a fashionista mind, Chiara Ferragni is one of the most recognizable faces in fashion. Chiara started her journey of influence through her online fashion blog, where she updated the world with written fashion trends and the style she needed to hit the streets. However, she was not limited to just blogging and soon expanded her reach to many social media platforms. Today, Chiara is a social media influencer and a businesswoman with a clothing line. Her style is impressive, her technique is simple, and her content is must-see.

2. Alexa Clock


Alexa Chung is another name that is trending in the world of fashion influencers. With an impressive 6.1 million followers, the style guru is one celebrity to follow. Not only is Alexa a friendly face who attracts and listens to many, but her insights on the hottest styles and recommendations for simple but affordable options for party and casual wear are also to be admired. So, if you like to party at home and like to dress up to impress, you should seriously consider following this fashionista and getting her professional advice.

3. Linslett

Who said being a fashion influencer is only for a certain age group, who knew a sociology professor could wear that style? Well, Lyn Slater — known on Instagram as the Accidental Icon — has hijacked all of these concepts.

A woman's fashion sense can be defined in three words: futuristic, edgy, and monochromatic. Her eccentric attire sets her apart and makes hundreds of hearts follow and fall in love with her. If you want to give it a try, follow Lyn on her social media platforms.

4. Danielle Bernstein

And who knows fashion better than a student of the industry? Danielle started the blog Who Wear What for fun, showcasing her life as a fashion student and all the memorable outfits she created. Today, Danielle Bernstein has more than 3 million followers on Instagram and runs her clothing and accessories line. Using her degree and unique style, she now creates beautiful clothing that reflects her true style.

5. Jeanne Damas

Parisian fashion and style are renowned the world over, and when it comes to Parisian influencers who create them, there's no one quite like Jeanne.

Originally from the parish, Jeanne started out as a fashion influencer and model, showcasing her style and life in Paris. Today, she is the curator of fashion label Rouje, with a string of inspiring achievements.

6. Claire Rose Claret


Claire Rose Cliteur - A woman as beautiful and versatile as her name and fashion choices. Claire was born in Amsterdam and currently lives in New York City. The fashion influencer has a knack for making the most mundane of outfits look gorgeous. While some would argue that her taste in fashion is not outstanding, the way she runs and designs each business makes her blog one of the best on the social media platform.

According to Claire, the best way to show off an outfit and make it look appealing is to not think too much about it and rely on what you wear. If you have the same drive and mindset in your life, following Claire should be a must for you.

7. Gabby Greg

Plus-size women rule the fashion world here, and Gabbi is leading the charge here. With 989,000 Instagram followers, Gabi is the champion of plus-size women in fashion. The fashionista feels comfortable in what she wears, making sure every plus-size person knows they should, too. Additionally, Gabi runs a beautiful line of clothing and swimwear and showcases her favorite pieces on her online blog.

8. Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is one of the most talked about names in fashion. The woman came from a prominent family, was born and raised in New York City, and went to Paris to study. Olivia has always been a fashion lover; her appearances on MTV and urban fashion shows boosted her career. Olivia didn't set a specific fashion trend, but continued an existing one. Her ability to add a special touch to every trend of the moment has made her famous in the industry.

9. Noah Nabil

Fashion blogger, social media influencer, business woman, mom and more. Noha has a few more boxes to check. The fashionista from Kuwait has a penchant for bright pops of colour, luxe bags and cool accessories. So if you're looking to build a stylish wardrobe in the most on-trend colors, Noha is your guide.

10. Mariano Di Vaio

Some men make their mark among the many ladies in the fashion industry. One of these masculine fashion figures is Mariano Di Vaio, an Italian model, blogger, actor and fashion designer.

MDV has its own clothing line and is one of the best internet celebrities looking for menswear help. He's a beauty and makes sure his online profile looks the same,


There are many fashion influencers. We hope this article helps you find and follow the best in the industry.

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